Monday , July 6th 2020
    Accessories for Your Garden

Every Garden Needs A Bench

No matter how big your garden space is, you need a place to sit. That is why garden benches were designed in the first place. Whenever you go to a park, a zoo, even a shopping mall you will find chairs. Benches are there so you can sit and take in the surroundings and watch what is going on. Yes, they are a place to pause and take a bit of a break from walking, but they are much much more. They are observation points from which you can see what is happening in that particular place at that particular time.

A garden bench makes a great addition to your landscape

In the home garden benches serve many functions. A bench is an invitation for visitors to sit and enjoy the beauty of your garden. You may find it a convenient spot to rest for a moment while working in the backyard. Most certainly a bench provides a place where you can sit and have a conversation with a friend. In the morning there is nothing like taking a steaming cup of coffee out to the garden to sit and enjoy the start of a new day, to quietly reflect before the day comes rushing at you. Let’s not forget a place where you can spend time with your children or grandchildren sharing those special moments that you will always remember.

I think you now get the picture of why a bench is so important. The first step is to determine where to place a bench. Try to walk around the garden and look at different views and angles in each area to find one that you like the best. Look for pleasing displays or garden ornaments in the area you choose something that you really like. It may even be beneath your favorite tree’s it really only matters that it is an area pleasing to you.

garden benchBefore you go looking for a bench determine how much room there is in the area for a bench. This in part will determine what size of a seat you should purchase and also how many would fit in the area. Now that you know the size of the area and the approximate size of the bench or benches it is time to start looking.

There are many kinds of benches available, wrought iron, concrete, wooden, stone, even benches made out of recycled plastic. Several things to consider are how comfortable it is to sit on, what kind of maintenance will be required, and how does it blend with the surrounding garden area. While certainly, comfort should be the main factor maintenance is very important as well. Time spent cleaning and painting should be considered when choosing your bench. The final thought I have is that you should get the best quality bench you can afford that fits your criteria. The better the quality, the longer it will last and serve you when you are in the garden.