Friday , November 24th 2017
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Garden Ponds Are A Great Addition

Garden ponds or garden pools are dramatic water features that can add interest and tranquility to a garden. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the relaxing sounds of water while you sip lemonade and read a good book in your backyard? A garden pond is an attractive way to enhance the landscape, especially if you have l large area you wish to landscape.

Your pond doesn’t have to be very big. Just 3 or 4 feet is enough for a few plantings and to attract wildlife. Want some wildlife? Just add a few fish.

This garden pond uses two levels

This garden pond uses two levels

Your garden pond is going to be a focal area, so plan it for a zone that’s easy to see. Try to have part of it visible from your house or deck where it’s easy to watch. A shaded area is best but try to avoid placing it under a tree. Leaves are a maintenance pain.

Plan for electricity. You’ll probably want lights, a recirculating pump, or pond side waterfall at some time. These can all be low voltage appliances that you can install yourself.

Until recently, garden ponds required concrete, an expensive and labor-intensive task. Now we have pre-formed plastic or fiberglass shell liners that just drop into a hole. Of course, you still have to dig the hole, but it’s a lot easier than using concrete forms and rebar reinforcements. If you’re handy and a bit more adventurous, layout your own pond and line it with plastic.

Once your liner is in, you’ll need to landscape around it. Line some of the sides with greenery to make it look natural. Landscape in the pond too. Pond plants are available from many of the larger garden centers. Add rocks and pavers to make it look natural.

Garden fountains make a great addition to your garden pond. There’s something about running water that has been attracting people sins the beginnings of civilization. There are pictures of fountains on some of the ancient Egyptian tombs, and the Romans often used fountains in their central courtyard.

One side of the pond should be shallow for birds to use as a bath. They love pools, and you’ll enjoy watching them. Expect all sorts of animals to stop by for a drink. One of my rural New England neighbors posted a game camera by their pool and caught pictures of deer, raccoons, and even a puma.

Add some fish if you want, but they’ll need a bit of upkeep. Koi and goldfish are inexpensive and common, but there are others. Check locally to see what’s best. Mother nature takes care of her fish in the wild, but its up to you in your pond. Fish need food, and fish ponds need cleaning.

Maintain your pond as needed. A well-built pond won’t need much. The biggest problem is algae, that green stuff that colors the water. Algae grow in the sunshine and only when there are nutrients in the water. Plan on some shade to keep the algae down and, depending on where you live, keep the water temperature down.

And I’m going a bit astray here, but find a couple of comfortable chairs to place beside your pond.

Featured Garden Ponds and Kits

Koolscapes 270 Gallon Pond Kit with Lighting


  • Includes an 8′ by 10′ non-toxic Pond Liner.
  • 200 gph Filter Pump with protective shell
  • Includes 2 fountain heads, diverter & telescopic riser
  • Even includes 2 silk water lilies
  • Instructions

This starter kit includes everything needed for a garden pool.  As a comparison, the average home bathtub holds 58 gallons or so.  This 270-gallon pond is almost 5 times as much water.  The lighting is solar.

Algreen Folding Pond Kit with Streamlet Watercourse, 144-Gallon


  • Includes a 144 Gallon Flexible Pond Liner
  • Streamlet includes built in fitting to attach hose from pump
  • Includes 500 GPH Filter Free Pond Pump with Protective Shell Enclosure
  • Includes 2 Silk Water Lilies

Water Garden Fountain Koi Pond Kit Liner & Pump 9′ X 6′ Liner & 5 Water Lilies


  • Complete 9′ x 6′ water garden pond kit
  • Includes artificial water lilies
  • Designed to be used as a water garden or fish pond.
  • Five artificial water Lilies
  • 258 GHP with a 6.ft lift fountain pump in-line flow valve
  • Removeable filter for easy cleaning
  • Fresh and or salt water
  • Very quiet and very reliable pump