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Patio Umbrella Buying Guide

There’s not much that’s better than relaxing out on the patio in the middle of summer. But unless you want to bake in the direct sunshine, the best solution is to go and take a cool break underneath your nice, practical patio umbrella.

A patio umbrella is usually a lot bigger than the typical kind of rain umbrella that you carry to protect you from a rainstorm. They come in a variety of designs so that you can easily find the ideal patio umbrella to grace your patio and protect you from the sun.

A patio umbrella by the pool

A patio umbrella by the pool

Regardless of the shape or style of your patio, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that compliments the area. For example, an offset patio umbrella is one where the pole is not in the center of the table. Instead, it is set off to the side. You can attach it to the patio rail, or sometimes it has legs to become a freestanding, moveable umbrella. The advantage of this is that it covers more space overhead while providing more table space below and the pole won’t be right in the middle of the table, getting in the way

Patio umbrella on a deck

Patio umbrella on a deck

A different style of patio umbrella is the market type. It fits into a hole in the center of a table just like the traditional patio umbrella. It is usually made of lighter cloth. Therefore, it is much more portable. These umbrellas can also be used freestanding which is useful if you wanted to shade yourself while lying on a sunbed, for example.

Another type is the gazebo umbrella which is probably the most popular kind. They often have a net attached to them to help keep any bugs or flies away from food. And the nets can also be easily removed which makes it a lot easier to keep them clean.

It’s always a wise idea before setting out to make your purchase to spend some time considering what type and color of patio umbrella will be the ideal one for your patio. Think about what kind of use it will get and also try and decide what shade would best suit the surrounding colors. It’s also worth considering if the umbrella is going to be subject to extreme conditions or not, and to buy one that is most suitable.

An umbrella base is a necessity.  Patio umbrellas are big, and without some weight on the bottom, your umbrella can take off in the wind.

Look for an umbrella that comes with a protective cover, or buy one separately.  And if you happen to have a storage space for your umbrella for the times when you won’t be using it, you will get a lot more ‘mileage’ out of your purchase. Just be sure to measure this space before going shopping and take the dimensions with you so that you can buy an umbrella that will fit.

Finally, it’s worth looking if the umbrella that you plan to purchase is made of a fade-resistant material – particularly if it is likely to be exposed to strong sunlight for extended periods of time. Hopefully, these hints will help you to buy the perfect umbrella for your patio.

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