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Underutilized Small Spaces In The Garden

Underutilized Small Spaces In The Garden

Many times there are places in our gardens that are left empty or undeveloped simply for no other reason than we do not know what to use them for.

Not every area of a garden has to be a large display in order to catch your interest or add something to the garden. Small pockets spread throughout the garden can actually offer a visual break that will enhance the areas around them. With a bit of imagination and a little planning these unused areas can easily be transformed.

Something as simple as placing a bench along side a sidewalk with a container of plants on either side can offer an inviting place to sit and enjoy a few peaceful minutes on a warm summer afternoon.

You can easily add some interest with a self contained water feature like a fountain and if you get a solar powered pump for it you will not even have to add an electrical source. Not only will the soothing sounds of the water add to your gardens ambiance the fresh water will encourage song birds to come an fill your garden with their joyful sounds. It is a very soothing sound that will help you quickly relax and relieve tension and stress. If you do not currently have a water feature I would suggest that be a project for your next garden addition.

Another thing that will add value to the garden is to reclaim unusable space such as wet soggy areas. A wet or soggy area in your garden is often a problem that seems impossible to solve. Why not turn this into a paver patio area. You can add some french drains than add a few inches of base and gravel place your pavers and you now have a very user friendly area. Adding a small bistro table and chairs give you a nice spot to invite a friend for a little conversation. This is a project you could easily be accomplished in a weekend and add tremendous value to your garden.

There are many things that can be done to enhance your garden if you have an area that is sunny and out of the way of the main garden you may not want to use it to tie in with the main garden and take away from the main gardens appearance. This would be an excellent location to use in a utilitarian way. One suggestion would be a greenhouse. A greenhouse would add a whole new dimension to your garden and afford you the opportunity to start your own cuttings or seeds or provide for a new aspect to your gardening.

Another use for an area not really a part of the main garden would to be plant a colorful hedge and place a tool or potting shed behind. The hedge would screen the view of this work area from the main gardens but allow for much needed storage or work area away from public view.

These are but a few ideas the best idea will be the one you decide on after spending a little time with your imagination. It is a shame not to use the space you have to it’s fullest advantage, it is a bigger shame not to use your creativity to enhance your surroundings and your over all self.

Glenn Bronner is a professional grounds keeper with over 38 years of experience in gardening and the horticulture industry. Glenn shares gardening tips, knowledge, and garden resources at his home web site.
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